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Adopting the unprecedented Brand-based Learning (BBL) approach, developed by APAA, you will be equipped with the techniques and applications to make the most out of the products available on hand.

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Dr. Raymond Wu

Dr. Wu is widely regarded as a leading specialist in facial aesthetic injection. He has pioneered a number of injection techniques for different facial zones. His expertise in injectables and passion for aesthetic medical training has also led to him being appointed as an expert trainer and speaker by major aesthetic medicine brands such as Allergan, Galderma, Merz, Teoxane and many more.

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  • Do I need to supply products?

    No, for our face-to-face workshops, we will provide all products required, but you will need to bring along a model for practising purposes.

  • If I’m stuck with a clinical or business question during the course, where can I get help?

    Our video courses come with a bookmarking function that you can use to raise any questions at the desired timestamp in the video. We will come back to you afterwards.

  • I have already completed a foundation course elsewhere, do I have to also do yours?

    As a leading aesthetic medicine academy, APAA has built a reputation for its equal focus on medical knowledge and business capabilities. Unlike other Foundation courses, our course takes you beyond theories and ties into the real world. You will have the opportunity to learn the skills relevant to your goals, develop an understanding of your business, and strengthen your business acumen to assess growth opportunities.